Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Wow, I just woke up from this dream that oddly was a mostly realistic echo of what I did last night. I was at some anonymous restaurant with subpar and madmadammim (in reality we went to the Olive Garden last night) except in the dream neal was wooing some extremely attractive girl by playing a simple little D-A-Bm-G song on an electric guitar. Now, I have to say that's more like the kind of chord progression I associate with the moment in the movie where the background music cuts to the chorus and the slightly unhinged 20-something protagonist takes a nostalgic look around at his friends all laughin' and moving' around in slow motion and the reflective/summarizing voice-over begins, camera moving back to a wide shot, but dream Neal was achieving total wooage success with these chords. Real world Neal, I suggest you take this into consideration!

The other notable thing from the dream was hollywood squares wheel of fortune. Sally and I were in the other room from Neal and wooee, and I think there was another guy there who was a friend of sally's except he wasn't a real person, more like a composite of her friends phoebus and Matt E. And we were watching on the game show channel a cross-over between wheel of fortune and hollywood squares. The show started by going over all the B-list celebrities in the squares, and then they showed that the entire tic-tac-toe board structure was mounted on the wheel-of-fortune wheel, so it spun around everytime someone spun the wheel. I guess the contestants were all super-strong or something. "I'd like to buy a vowel... 'O', please... Yes... 'O'. For the win."
Tags: dreams

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