Jason (jcreed) wrote,

HyLo 2006 deadline got extended until today, so I am still working on it, having given up on the original deadline because of speaking skills cramming. I have about 8.5 pages that I mostly just wrote yesterday and today, and I probably should make use of the full 15 that they allow. This paper has perhaps the most diverse bibliography of anything I've ever written. I'm all CITE CITE CITE CITE CITE today.


This is such a weird thing, actually having some amount of fun with the writing process.


Ok, only two sections left to really write, and about four that need revision. Four hours until D's. Two pages left until I bump into the page limit. I think I can pull it off.


Now I am down to mere revision, but hitting the page limit hard. D minus 2 hours.
Tags: papers, work

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