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So one of the authors of Penny Arcade some time ago made some jokes about having written fantasy novels, (which actually he had not) which inspired the basement-dwelling internet-reading masses of the world to collaboratively, spontaneously invent a complete backstory for these non-existent novels, including non-existent television shows, CCGs, and of course lots of details about characters, themes, and stories in a setting that was never really written down before. I think this is more or less what you would get if Lem, Borges, and Calvino were magically transformed into bored teenagers and got together to write recursive fan fiction, set in the fictional universe of itself. Some of it is actually pretty funny, reminding me of Pratchett's jabs at religion:

Canonical doubts about the historical existence of the Ginormous Soul revolve around the "if it's so great, why didn't it do ..." argument. True believers [...] dismiss this with the widely-referenced Ginormous Lack of Wanting To, a higher-plane analog of laziness that mere mortals can never hope to comprehend.

(from http://elothtes.pbwiki.com/Ginormous%20Soul)
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