Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I currently have:

  • New glasses! It is nice having unscratched lenses and an unbent frame. Also they are sort of trapezoidal and trendy looking, but not quite as thick-framed as some's. I am not actually trying to turn into a clone of tom7. Really!
  • But, no working camera to take any pictures of them, as is required by Bloggonet Rule #48b.3 MENTIONING ANY CHANGES ABOUT PERSONAL APPEARANCE, PHOTOGRAPHS THEREOF. Mine fell out of my pocket a couple of weeks ago while I was running across the street, and it gadouged itself fatally onto the sidewalk.
  • A 13-page version of the paper that yesterday was 27 pages, which needs to be finished and fit under 15 by Monday.
  • But, about four pages of stuff I still need to write. Y'know, I have this laminated CMU mini-degree-card in mathematics sitting in my wallet, but somehow I am nonetheless staring at
    13 + 4 ≤ 15

    hoping to make it true by sheer force of will.
Tags: glasses, papers, work

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