Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The terrible weather, trying to write new material for a paper that is already way over page limit, and the only available piano on campus that I can find being really wretched and terrible, mean that I am in a somewhat foul mood at the moment.

On the plus side I think I finally finished last night at Wendy's the last of the few proofs I was working on to show that linear and bunched logic both embed faithfully in the labelled system, and there is movie-watchin' in my near future.


Edited to add: had my advisor meeting, and it went pretty well. Turns out Frank's idea of what ought to get cut from the paper actually does coincide with my gut inclinations, so I can stop worrying about that. Also now I am reading about measure theory on wikipedia. It is great, and improving my general outlook on the world considerably. I love the format of reasonably short articles about individual mathematical topics that are nonetheless far more detailed and useful than actual encyclopedia articles usually are.
Tags: math, whining, work

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