Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I got some work done, however small, on all three active fronts today; writing a paper for HyLo about my Crazy Labelled LF Variant, revising the rejected LICS paper for submission to LFMTP, and working on slides for my speaking skills requirement talk. If I can only come up with a proof that the fragment of bunched logic I care about (additive arrow, conjunction, and unit, and multiplicative arrow) is complete with respect to the corresponding subset of the aforementioned CLLFV, I think I will have a totally sweet paper. I just managed to get soundness this morning, and I am optimistic I can work out completeness given another day or so.

Went to haydensphere and neelk's engagement party. I was slightly confused, thinking "The Party Room" listed in the invitation was a euphemism for the host's apartment, but no, there is a Party Room in the basement of (at least one of the buildings of) Amberson Apartments. Funny how parties where I already know 90% of the people there, and mostly they are all giant nerds anyhow, are very low-stress and high-fun. If I have socialized farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giant nerds.

Also there was a sweet organ in the Party Room, tucked around the corner. It had tons of little buttons and lights and pull-levers and delightfully sturdy rocker switches. It was like I was playing musical pinball or something.
Tags: music, social, work

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