Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Turns out there's a LICS-colocated workshop coming up for something called Hybrid Logic, which looks like it might be a sweet place to submit a paper on my LF + crazy-labelled-shit system, if only I can write one fast in a couple of weeks:

Hybrid logic is a branch of modal logic in which it is possible to directly refer to worlds/times/states or whatever the elements of the (Kripke) model are meant to represent. Although they date back to the late 1960s, and have been sporadically investigated ever since, it is only in the 1990s that work on them really got into its stride.

This basic idea of "hybridization" also totally sounds like what lambdacalculus is doing in his system to ultimately explain some of his connectives. I haven't the foggiest why it's referred to as "hybrid". I think my contribution in this area doesn't have anything to do with inventing "at this world" for the millionth time, but figuring out how to (a) sneak in an monoid operation on worlds (what they call "nominals") although I have a hunch this might have been done (b) how to bolt it onto LF, and (c) how to encode LLF using it.

It turns out these folks had already invented at least one of the quantifiers I thought I had cleverly come up with (and about which my advisor said something to the effect of "how the heck did you come up with that" which made me feel, like, 10x cleverer). I think it will be easy to turn "dag gummit I was scooped" into "aha, my work is totally connected to known results" in this case, though.

I had a mighty struggle with the solos from New Slang early this afternoon. I think I've got both the melodies figured out, but the rhythm is sneaky, and there is one chord change in the middle that I can't quite figure out to my satisfaction. Also I've been trying to learn Stairway to Heaven, which is just hilariously fun to play around with on the piano. The Dsus-D-C-ish bit in the middle that glues between the C-G/B-Am section and the F-G-Am one is rhythmically screwy.
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