Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I've hunkered down for the last hour or so in Barco hacking on some twelf code, where it is extremely quiet and empty and nice, it being Sunday morning and Pitt being between the spring semester and summer session.

Except this one lady comes in and starts talking on the pay phone, and her voice is like wood chips and rusty nails scraping against asphalt, but the little pay-phone enclave resonates with it, making it louder but doing a low-pass on the whole mess, so it's more of a hazy croak than a distinct creak. It hurts the back of my throat just to think of the sound five minutes after she's left. You know how if you try to make notes way below your vocal range, you get that weird groaning sound, your larynx putting out reluctant clicks at about 10Hz? Every word she said was like that, that strangling buzz under the prosody of the sentence, like a broken bagpipe drone.
Tags: work

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