Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I had this meeting scheduled with Carsten at 1:30, and I show up and he's not there, but neelk is, telling me that he had a meeting with Carsten at 1:00, and he wasn't there then either, so we get to chatting about Neel's pattern-centric focussing sequent calculus term assignment, and then Carsten shows up and all three of us attack it, and then I talked to Carsten about my simplified linear metatheory nonsense, and he opined that it's rather like his and ssaiscps's thing but streamlined a bit, so that's encouraging. Anyway it was like quarter to four before I finally busted out of Wean and ran into max_ambiguity to borrow her copy of this book, because clearly I have not read enough crazily over-my-head books lately.

Man I am pretty excited about this work of neelk's, though. It looks like it might be a really slick way of coping with disjunction and tensor and stuff, and still sort of keeping some notion of canonical forms. If only someone can figure out what the right substitution principle is...
Tags: books, work

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