Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had a somewhat more focused music practice session with Heather. It was fun to find that, omg, songs actually get a little more solid if you play them a few times in a row and pay attention to details. The big four are still nominally New Slang, Such Great Heights, Long December, and High and Dry, but only managed to do the first three — probably okay since High and Dry is the most straightforward (read: whole song, chorus and verse, is just F#m-A-E-E, at its most complicated substituting F#maddfiddlyextentions for F#m) of them all.

Having my waking hours more lined up with when it is light outside is awesome. It being spring and there being more daylight anyhow is partly to blame. I got like several hours of work TeXing stuff up this morning, and then it was 11am.

Also I just barely slipped my way into the very last student seminar series time slot of the semester on the 26th of May to attempt to pass my speaking skills requirement. I could do a POP seminar, but I think I'd rather have the more general audience to make it more "realistic" or something. Definitely should do a practice talk before then. If Karl and Tom approve of my writing requirement paper, then my black friday statement could look pretty decent: wrote and submitted a paper, (albeit which got rejected, but according to Frank's judgment of the tenor of the reviews, only just barely) scored writing requirement, speaking requirement en route, made significant progress towards proposing, mumble mumble still didn't write that other paper I don't want to write.
Tags: music, talks, weather, work

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