Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The first of may, the first of may, outdoor fthe weather sure is nice today. Mid 50s and sunny right now, supposed to get up to the 70s.

I read this article on the 26th, which describes an idea of how to get up the first time your alarm goes off, rather than hitting the snooze button over and over again. I have been a snooze button addict for about as long as my grubby little fingers had been able to operate a button correctly, and yet his methods — practicing by pretending, in the middle of the day, that you are tired and getting up quickly when you hear the alarm clock — seemed awfully silly.

However, having read the article, the mental image of feeling an urgent need to stand up and get out of bed stayed with me the whole rest of the day. Without even really trying, I felt like there was some sort of repeated BEEP MEANS "GET UP" BEEP MEANS "GET UP" track being played subconsciously in my head. The next morning was very weird. I heard the alarm, did my usual "grrrrrughhhghooooaaannn ugh it's morning I'll have to get up eventually" and then basically only noticed after it had already happened that a few seconds later I was standing up, it was 8:15am, and my alarm was off. The whole thing was a kind of spooky reflex. But for the last four mornings since then, the spooky-reflex aspect of it has gone away, and it's just an extremely easy, total non-decision to get up without delaying. I don't feel any amazing positive effects on my life or shit like that, but I do have a couple more productive hours in the morning.
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