Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to a bunch of talks that were part of a little modal logic seminar going on today. It was very much "logic" in the sense that is now rather foreign to me as a PL-group logic weenie, in that they actually talked about, like, semantics, and everyone seemed to think that Hilbert-axiomatic presentations of logics were as natural as anything. Kevin Kelley gave a very amusing talk about the formal meaning of Ockham's Razor that I didn't fully understand, but thought interesting. Steve gave a talk on sheaf semantics for modal first-order logic that I could sort of follow. I'm not used to thinking about sheaves over X as local homeomorphisms from the étale space into X, but it's growing on me.

I was feeling acutely antisocial a little while after the talk, like I couldn't stand the idea of being around noisy crowds of people, and so I avoided the TG that was apparently going on. Somehow I kept running into people I knew, but it was okay, since I always like people better one-on-one. I bumped into the ever-invisible cdinwood, and then fancybred, escargonaut, and pepperedjane before grabbing dinner at the ol' E'n'P (apparently they have a "super" french toast meal that has basically every breakfast side dish you would ever want: very tasty and filling) and Dave McWherter after, at Barnes and Noble's, where we talked about mundane grad school things, like, oh, proposing theses and graduating and stuff.

And now, in the empty house on a Friday night, I'm feeling lonely again. mutter mutter bustling mutter mope city mutter.
Tags: social, talks

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