Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got a chance to hang out with max_ambiguity today; had a fun time chatting about random stuff.

I've been trying to pick out from the fake book I bought last week some tunes I've heard a lot but never played much. It's funny how, at least among the songs on the Natalie Cole CD I got from voice-major-Emily-whom-I-never-hear-from-anymore, the ones I like listening to the most are the ones that are the least fun to play and vice-versa. I love listening to "Thou Swell", but I can't make it sound good, and I really don't care for her version of "Sentimental Reasons" at all, but it's a blast to play. Oh, lead-in F#7b13 chord, you love me, don't you? I know you do.

Apart from that, "Girl From Ipanema" is sounding pretty good as long as I un-tritone-substitute all the tritone substitutions I don't like, and "Have You Met Miss Jones" is awesome apart from the melody rhythm being tricky.
Tags: music, social

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