Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I am rocking a little bit of insomnia at the moment. It's okay since I don't have to get up too early tomorrow.

Recent things that have happened:

Did the music thing with heather on sunday, which was good. Tried out a couple of new jazz standards ("In the wee small hours of the morning" is stuck in my head now) and we're trying to solid up some of the more usual recent indie rock/90s alterna-pop material we've worked on.

The final regular monday night nachos with neal and tom was tonight, since neal is being whisked off to the east coast for some sweet high-powered job thing at or around Johns Hopkins.

I made significant progress cleaning my room, which no longer looks like a disaster, but is still on the cluttered end of the scale. I blame books, mostly.

I found out my grandpa on my dad's side is in the hospital not doing too well, which is not cool.
Tags: cleaning, music, relatives, social

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    Restrung my electric today, so here's me practicing "Hallelujah".

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    ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ------8-----------------------8---------------…

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    Unpacking stuff, I found a box of completely immaculate strings, so I restrung my acoustic guitar. It sounds and plays so much nicer now!

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