Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I went to the PSO tonight with lambdacalculus and pepperedjane and many of their friends whom I don't really know that well, and after hung out at the Church Brew Works. The PSO headliner was "The Planets". It was Holstastic. I had only really ever heard "Jupiter" before, and I think it's still my favorite, followed by Mars, and Mercury and Saturn maybe tied. Venus was boooring, Uranus was kind of weird, and Neptune, I have to admit, has a fantastic ending, but otherwise blah. The world just doesn't have enough jollity these days, though, really.

papertygre linked to this article that I haven't finished reading, but I think it's brilliant for using the game Paranoia in an extended analogy about the communication difficulties between computer scientists and lawyers. Here's a quote:

[A computer scientist might say, ] "Okay, you, the lawyer, are a dangerous idiot, but I have to work with you or be thrown in jail as a Commie Mutant Traitor as happened to Dmitry Sklyarov, so I'll try to address your concerns."
Tags: music, social, web
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