Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I finally managed to see most of the out-of-towners I had been meaning to catch, but not for terribly long. rem, nickjong, dr4b, whitemage, theadana, and much of the old lounge-rat crowd whose ljs I have forgotten.

I left out an event from last night that was the highlight of the gallery crawl for me in some sense. We had got to a gallery up on the 9th floor of some building, exhibiting some photos of naked women and hula hoops. After looking at the naked woman and hula hoops for a while (it's interesting, as a side note, how limited my attention span is for pictures of people where you can never see their face) I noticed there was a little terrace you could walk out on and see the river and quite a panorama of downtown. Even in the evening drizzle it was nice to just stand there and look at the way the city had been built up. It's no less a product of human hands than any of the art I saw, and just then it seemed more significant, more remarkable, more worth looking-at than any of it. And, out of nowhere, who's there next to me but Dirty-Clean Guy, and he grins his huge, old-guy glasses grin, and he says to me, "nice view, huh?". And I say, "yeah," and I take in the view for a few more seconds and I go back inside.
Tags: art, social, weather

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