Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished my taxes on time after all, and got a sweet $800 refund; mad typesprops to lincoln3 for pointing out how I could get my W2s online.

Re research work, got some tests up and running against my little type-checker. One is big enough to make it fail finally!
- OS.FileSys.chDir "/home/jcreed/sb/chex/"; CM.make "sources.cm";
val it = () : unit
[scanning sources.cm]
[parsing (sources.cm):test.sml]
[compiling (sources.cm):test.sml]
[code: 5928, data: 316, env: 324 bytes]
t : type.
k : t.
a : (t -> type).
e = e
b : ({x:t} (a x -> type)).
c : (({a:world} (({b:world} (((t -o t) @ b) -> (t @ a))) -> (t @ e))) -> type).
spine check error
[New bindings added.]
val it = true : bool
Tags: taxes, work

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