Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Did music this morning with Heather; very fun. "Such Great Heights" continually surprises me with how satisfying it is to explore different little ways of doing the same ol' boring chords. Same thing with "Long December". "Summertime" came out somehow very different than we usually did it, and I rather liked it. Still need to put in more time figuring out a good arrangement for "Tables and Chairs" and burning Mirah's "Promise" into my brain and fingers.

My other accomplishment for today is getting to a working state a flash toy to draw commutative diagrams in, which exports to Paul Taylor's diagrams.tex syntax, as some people at D's suggested last thursday — I remember mainly wjl wanting it. It looks like this:

Click the save button to export text:

Paste into LaTeX:

TeX, DviToPs and gv:

Mouse-over grid cells or arrows and type (or hit enter) to edit labels, hit enter while editing text to finish editing, hit Ctrl-O while hovering over an arrow to flip its label onto the other side, and drag from one cell to another to make arrows. (they can't be too short, though)

I am now at the underground where a four-piece jazz band is playing a sweet 7/4 song that has this melodic rhythm like 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 3 where 1=one eigth note.
Tags: category theory, flash, music

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