Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Ah, did hear back about the kernel. Good, good.
Writing mkyfs.
Working on the `less-than-monad' stuff a little bit more carefully.
The logical interpretation is more unclear than ever.
Lacking the unbox term constructor makes things really weird.
I've decided to start with the dual of the original
construction, because it seems to be more transparently
related to the logic. Calling it a 'priority' because I
suspect the logical operator is something like noncontingency
('a priori' knowledge) and moreover you can construct
a comonad out of a priority, so in that sense it 'comes before'
the concept of monad/comonad. Eh, I suppose it's just a
bad double-pun wrapped in formal language, but I suspect
a good deal of terminology is no better... :)

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