Jason (jcreed) wrote,

eub linked a little while ago to the late Eddie O. Martin's ("St. EOM") architecture/art project Pasaquan. Googling around for more stuff about it, I found it was written up in the magazine Raw Vision. Looking for some decompression after my advisor meeting today, I was poking around the stacks at Hunt Library, and found by coincidence, back issues of same. Flipping through them an article in Issue 14 about Paul Laffoley caught my eye. I love this stuff. It's a perfect blend of carefully controlled, and complete out-there-ness. As a lambdacalculus-esque compliment, this guy is totally my idea of (or at least one version of my idea of) an insane genius. Here is a short video about him

Also, John Baez discovers Linear Logic! Apparently he was at GeoCal'06, which my advisor was also at.
Tags: math, outsider art

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