Jason (jcreed) wrote,

They really do like my big sphinx of quartz

I just put a new (old) font
on the Font Page. This in fact is maybe the first font I ever really methodically designed and digitized, when I was all of like sixteen years old. It's pretty crappy, but there it is. combinator mentioned it (although I don't remember it being on the web before now... maybe you saw it long before, martin?) so I decided to get around to putting it up.

The story behind this one is that I drew it in photoshop some time in 1997 I think with a mouse and the pencil tool, used photoshop's "selection to path" to autotrace the bitmaps, exported paths to eps, wrote a perl script to convert that to metafont, and managed to coax TeX into rendering it. I don't think I really ever used it for much, though, since using non-CM fonts in TeX is kind of a pain in the ass. But I wrote yet another perl script to convert the metafont file (which is now all I have remaining of it) back to FontForge's SFD format (which is pretty much just Postscript With Stuff) and now it is a nice little TTF file as it should be.

I like to think I am a bit better at drawing letters now, lo these nine years later.
Tags: fonts

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