Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Tried another angle on the current research problem, and hit another frustrating dead-end. Tom, I think you score another point in the "does Pfenning-Davies-style modality make sense" game, but I haven't given up yet.

In Font-o-world, since nobody else is particularly judging my progress, I have decided to pick easy problems to coddle my ego. I'm continuing on the Art Deco fan-boy track a little bit, taking things towards the ultra-light. I like how this took almost no time at all to draw. The R, B, and S were where all the trouble, by which I mean actual thought, happened.

Named "necessity" because it's kinda squarish. Although it's really only like O and C that have an actual 1:1 aspect ratio, and they're circles. Maybe I should have named it after something monadicky or laxy or something.

In the evening my mom showed up, since she was attending a conference anyway not too far away (i.e. Ohio). We went to Red Robin, which was a fine time. I realize that what really stresses me out about going back home to Wisconsin is not so much my family, but the fact that it's not home to me: Pittsburgh is.
Tags: family, fonts, work

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