Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I reviewed a paper, and proved a little theorem. Still trying to figure out what the Pfenning-Davies modalities "really" mean, since my gut tells me I need to.

I keep seeing type around that either is or is very similar to Lubalin's Avant Garde Gothic, the version that doesn't look like some boring ol' anonymous sans serif, with the slanted-on-one-side capitals A, and the crazy ligatures and whatnot. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with what feels like an early-80s style (even though the magazine Avant Garde came out like 10 years earlier than that) but I'm afraid we may be in for a long spell of it staging a comeback.

So I started a little font a couple weeks ago, thinking about the crazy slantedness of AGG's alternates, (which some people apparently hate with a passion) mixing in a bit of Peignot's almost-monoalphabetical-ness, and, without intending it, I started aiming again towards a bit of some quality of Tom7's Hockey Is Lif that I like a lot, something I tried to do more directly with Nelf. It's hard to see it here through all the pristine geometry, but I think it's still present to some degree in the P, R, B, and O; an endearing kind of flimsiness or something.

Tags: fonts, work

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