Jason (jcreed) wrote,

now I need to find an reason to say hmm hmm hmm, laa lee loo

The usual hectic mixture of work, beef, and slack today. _tove showed me around the letterpress studio in the basement of the basement of Margaret Morrison, a whole floor of a building I did not even know existed. It was gloriously anachronistic, as well as anachronistically glorious. Row after row of typographers' flowers and giant woodcut letters, and lead fonts of Baskerville and Bodoni and Melior lining the walls. If I had free time to kill, and the forethought to sign up for this guy's class, I would be totally binding me some books already by now. Sadly, my free time is already lying in the dirt attractin flies, and I am about three thinks short of adequate thought. Anyway it was a neat thing to see.
Tags: fonts, work
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