Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I missed the usual thursday night D's outing to see Lindsay Mac at the shadow lounge. It was a great show! The opening act I liked, although she looked kind of upset and nervous while talking to the audience, and the main act was pretty amazing. Her schtick is that she plays the cello like a guitar, hung from a strap and attacked with plucking and strumming and percussive banging around. I shouldn't just call it a schtick, though, since it's obvious from her virtuosity that she's explored this way of playing her intstrument just as thoroughly and thoughtfully as any musician would achieve depth the "right" way. Quite a thing to see the wildness of her right hand flailing back and forth but to hear her land her rhythms so tight.

I noticed, though, that it's a huge factor in my enjoyment of live music how much the musician seems to be enjoying him- or herself playing, which she did very much; the last time it hit me was watching Chatham Baroque at play some artsy festival thing downtown last summer.


Edit: Ugh, what is wrong with her CD, though? The vocals sound all weird and exaggerated, and the cello arrangment seems so much more mundane. I wish she had a live CD or something.
Tags: music
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