Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Other things happening today, besides recoiling in holy terror in fear that my laptop is broken again (but I think it's going to be okay now):

Did the music thing with Heather in the morning, after having sort of snuck into the CFA practice rooms. Fun times. Long December came out pretty good, Such Great Heights even better, and I am warming up to Tables and Chairs in terms of liking the song more and more, even if I need to work on it quite a bit still.

ObQCfanBoy: omg marten not wussing out like the wussy mcwusserson that he traditionally is, and Dora definitively acting like she is not trying to be — in fact, making a point not to be — a manipulative jerk. Could I ask for anything more? I think only that faye merely maims them a little.
Tags: comics, music
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