Jason (jcreed) wrote,


Got textbook for 15-882. Looks nifty.
Mmm, perceptrons.

Someone ought to make CMU/SCS-themed IF.

Progressing thoughts on (let's call it) Wheelbarrow:
Deck: A K Q J 9 7 5 3 of each suit, two
jokers (call them j1 and j2 - they need
to be distinguishable somehow). 34 cards
total, dealt 13 to each player, and 8
to the 'sack', face down between the players.

Bidding is tricks-suit-rank. Bidding
ordering follows statement order. Suit
order is alphabetical (C-D-H-S) Ace
high. If the final bid is a-b-c, then
the declarer must win 6+a tricks with
the trump suit looking like

high ... /\ ... low
j1 cS cH cD cC j2 Ab Kb ... cb ... 5b 3b

The ranking of the trump rank is *always*
CDHS low-to-high no matter what the trump
suit is. NT can be independently called
for suit and rank, and is a greater suit
than any natural suit and a grater rank than
Ace. (pronounciation, e.g.: Two-No-Seven, One-Spade-No)
If the bid is Grand (no declared trump suit/rank at all)
then the two jokers comprise the entirety of the trump
suit. Following suit, if possible, is still required.

Winning bid gets the first lead.
A leading player can always opt to lead out
of the sack instead of their hand if there
are any cards left in the sack.

If the responding player doesn't have any cards,
the leading player automatically wins the trick.

Blah, blah, blah...

Initial code for fooserv, the idea from 1999.12.27.

Need to remember to meet the guy tomorrow to
sell the linear textbook.

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