Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today I think I may have had a minor research breakthrough: I'm dimly seeing what may be a nice, succinct way to explain the difference between the linear "&" on the one hand and ordinary and bunched conjunction on the other.

Had some lunch with tom7, talked about crazy web stuff.

I successfully transferred pepperedjane's copy of "The Last Samurai" to grammarnerd, and I myself today read Chip Kidd's "The Cheese Monkeys". I really, really don't get the ending, and it bothers me because it looks like there actually is something to, you know, get. Other than that it has some good clever bits, but also some annoying clever bits where you can just barely hear the author patting himself on the back for being so clever. But Chip Kidd is too generally brilliant for me to hold much against him.

Chatted for a while with thebenedictine, whom I don't run into too often. All of it was interesting, and much of it was stuff I probably needed to hear, like not-so-tasty medicine. I'm amazed in hindsight how (in the sense of "the way in which", not merely "how much") argumentative I got. She seems to bring out the same something-or-other in me that demoness101 does. Anyway it was very considerate of her to listen to so much goin'-on-'n'-on.

Got a little bit of time in at the morewood piano; had a couple of notably good passes through "Angel Eyes". That red-haired girl that works at La Prima (who always looks strangely familiar even though I'm pretty certain I've never met her) passed in the hallway as I was playing and sort of half-smiled in my direction.

In horribly tragic news, "lj" is not in the Spell-Check dictionary that livejournal itself offers. Why is there not the merest scrap of justice upon this battered, fragile earth.
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