Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In the morning, music with iole200. "Such Great Heights" came out really nice this time. Dug out "Tables and Chairs" from beneath the metaphorical dust and tried to work on it again; it's doing okay. "New Slang" in G still confounds me for some reason. I need to work on it. I'm slowly getting better at transposing "The Luckiest" anyhow. Over lunch we chatted about the problem of being single when like 90% of your social group have already paired off into relationships, or are the kind of people that are way too ingrained as good friends to be thought of as dateable; though other people don't seem to as much, I still perceive some stigmatic weirdness associated with common solutions like internet or non-internet personals services and stuff that keeps me from ever signing up. My solution at the moment (a solution that, of course, spontaneously stops working at various times generally beyond my control) is to not really feel all that perturbed about being single.

During the day got some work done on some personal projects that are still sort of in stealth-mode. Should have something to post about that in the next week or two.

Got dinner at the TuberculosisTaco Bell with subpar and lambdacalculus. Good times. I haven't had the cinnamon twists in ages: they are quite tasty.
Tags: food, music, social

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