Jason (jcreed) wrote,

There was this "SCS Day" event today, where various members of the school of computer science were doing various wacky things, like running little workshops on "how to knit" or "intermediate squash playing" (my advisor, actually) or what-have-you, and there was also a talent show at the end, which I sadly missed, because fancybred had an accordion set that I wanted to see. But one of the workshoppy sessions that I did go to before was Brian Mills's idea to just have a jam session in the Conan Room in the UC, which was pretty fun. I brought my keyboard and rocked out a bit. Playing with about 6-8 randomly people rotating in and out is awfully hard to coordinate, but every now and then someone was assertive and was like "ok, we're playing this song". It was even me, once or twice. I completely failed to get anyone but the drummer going on "Take Five", but I got everybody going on a bastardized version of "Everybody Hurts" (just repeating G-C-G-C-Am-D-Am-D) for a while, and that was fun as hell. Big thanks go to grammarnerd for putting that song in my head a week ago last Friday.

Also had dinner with subpar; talked about grad school, jobs, life, etc.
Tags: music, social

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