Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I suddenly remembered today the little bit of ML code that I wrote to allow access to Twelf from Flash. I started cleaning it up so that I could commit it to CVS without being too embarrassed, and in the process of generalizing the interface I realized it wasn't too hard to add sort-of-correct HTTP support as well, so that it would be feasible to write stuff directly in web pages in Javascript with XMLHttpRequest that does more or less the same stuff my Flash code did. It almost kinda sorta works:

Just a little more cleanup and I will probably CVSify it. In case you are wondering why the hell I am doing this, I am basically like one-a them cartoon characters with dollar signs in his eyes, except replace "dollar sign" with "kooky web-app-like Twelf proof assistant"
Tags: flash, javascript, programming, sml, twelf, wankery

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