Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Man saturdays are not treatin' me well lately. Feeling kind of low again. Did a little more doodling in Illustrator, partially in an effort to snap myself out of the harmfully perfectionistic rut that reached new, annoying heights while writing this last paper. For a while there, every sentence I laid down I was like scientists discover record new worst sentence ever; Guiness officials busy calibrating their sentence-badness equipment in preparation. Anyway drawing dozens of random little things and knowing full well that most of them will be ugly is somehow therapeutic: (link goes to pdf)

Some of them I actually do sort of like. A7 and D7 are standard little glossy candy-bits. E2 and F2 are similarly just me imitating the standard web-trendotronic glossy-reflection effect. I like the muted overlappity business going on in D6, D4, D2, C2. In F6 I discovered that Illustrator actually has a feature I had wistfully dreamed of it someday having, although I haven't really figured out a good use for it yet. Well, it's the thing I used to do the reflection in E2 and F2, but I wouldn't necessarily call that a "good use". It's called "Make Opacity Mask" and it lets you set the alpha of one part of the image to the white-to-black value of some other part, and it's hidden in the little triangle-in-circle menu in the Transparency dialog box. In B3, B1, F4, G4, E3 I figured out some new things I can do with doing Offset Path repeatedly with negative and positive values. It sort of smooths out the corners in paths. Also in A2, A3, C3 — these I like.

Earlier on I was doodling with some circles and thought looked like it would make a nice book cover, e.g.:

At least, if I saw this in a bookstore, I would totally pick it up. I might have thought it was a Dover book, what with the arbitrary geometric B.S., except they hardly ever use white backgrounds. Or publish novels.
Tags: angst, drawing, writing

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