Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today's QC has the title "Fifty Episodes Of Foreplay First", referring, I expect, to the imagined faux-Dragonball-Z scenario described in the comic. But really it seems to describe the pacing of QC itself pretty well. If you replace fifty by "at least about six hundred".

Also Achewood is soaring to new, oxygen-poor heights of giddying awesomeness. The forums are alive with the sound of gushing praise: "[today's] strip is like [Achewood author] Onstad is just giving us all hugs, one after another. I once heard that it is impossible to please everyone, but with this arc Onstad is basically rewriting the basic laws of the Universe. This is goodness on a molecular level." To appreciate this latest story arc, you basically have to read the entire archives up to the present. Onstad has made a long-term investment, and its name is The Character of Roast Beef. Today it begins paying dividends.
Tags: comics
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