Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I have this chorus running through my head now:
I'd tell you why
but I don't know
It's simple and
so complicated
I could walk all day
on the railroad tracks
but there's much more
to it than that

(from mirah's "sweepstakes prize")

Events of today include: got some writing work done, went to the ConCert reading group meeting and listened to people talk about Leroy's certif(ied/ying) C compiler, played some piano.

Also someone in the pre-ConCertRG chatter asked whether there were finite non-Boolean Heyting algebras. It took me a minute to dredge up the (positive) answer, and I added it to the Wikipedia page for Heyting algebras just for the hell of it. The short answer is that it's the lattice of open sets of the Sierpinski space.
Tags: math, music, wiki, work

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