Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I had an advisor meeting, during which Frank pointed out LICS deadline was coming up, so I decided crazily at his prodding to try to submit this labelled deduction letcc-elimination thingy. The abstract deadline was tonight, so submitted something for that. We'll see how sane I am by next Friday.

Had a little piano-potluck with grammarnerd, kind of similar to something we did earlier, except it was planned this time. She brought some sheet music, and I brought along whatever songs happened to be bouncing around in my head, and I like to think that we both taught the other a thing or two. It was fun.

I couldn't resist, just about a half-hour before that (since it also gave me a chance to warm up musically on a rather nicer piano without a sticky low-A) lurking around the piano down at pitt, and mystery groupie X did not show up. But, you know, whatever, it made for a good story anyway even if I don't bump into her again.
Tags: piano, work

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