Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Pop Quiz for 99-101 "Life, and the Things You Do in It"

Question 1. [100pts]

You get done playing a pretty good set of tunes at the Pitt Union piano. A fiendishly cute girl strikes up conversation. You exchange names. She asks you if you play there frequently. You say, yeah, now and then. She says she hasn't seen you there before, and asks if there is a regular day of the week you play so she can hear you play again. You: (mark only one)

(a) say "Well, sure, I guess I could show up next week at this same time if you like."
(b) "say No, but if you give me your phone number I can let you know the next time I'm over here."
(c) say "No, but here's my phone number, and I would gladly give you a private concert any time." wink wink.
(d) go "mutter mutter nah, not really, I just come here whenever I feel like it." and walk off. ← NO! WRONG! NO PARTIAL CREDIT! F-- SEE ME AFTER CLASS

I think my brain switches to a backup brain under some circumstances, and the backup brain does NOT WORK AT ALL. And it's not the "backup brain" you're thinking of, you gutter-minded gutter-minds, you. That one would have gone straight for (c). I don't think I would ever in full possession of my faculties opt for (c), (and I don't think I could really swing it as a joke) but I totally could have pulled off (b).
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