Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I do ♥ LuLu. It really puts the vanity in vanity publishing.

You can now buy for like six bucks plus shipping the following real --- and most likely flammable --- item: (or you can download the PDF and print it yourself, stitching it together with perhaps some string you stole from the robe of a passing benedictine monk, you cheap bastard)

It includes various fictionalities that leak beyond merely the contents, e.g.
  • Made-up publisher
  • Made-up author
  • Made-up review quotes
  • Extra-false author bio
  • Dubious but realistic UPC on the back cover
  • Dubiouser but almost plausible Cataloging-in-Publication data on the copyright page, except my em-dashes got fucked up somehow.
I have to feel a little like Achewood's Lyle, here. Aw, I'm just pretendin' I have my own brand of whiskey... you know?

The bad news is I didn't succeed at getting any sort of useful automatic SWF→PDF conversion toolchain going. I just gave up because text was too god damned hard, and copied and pasted between the illustrator files that Flash exported and inDesign.
Tags: books, lulu

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