Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Fun day! Had music with Heather after severe discouragement trying to find a free piano yesterday and today. Played on the rather nice keyboard in her advisor's office. Had brunch with many people at F&F. Went over to susan & adam's to watch The Game. Susan mostly was under the weather and hacked some Perl (I leave the causal inference up to you, reader) and Adam showed me some more of his delightful escape-on-PDF magic in progress and the first several episodes of Lost, which is, as expected, completely insane.

And, oh yeah, there was the football game. This sort of winning streak is even managing to bring out the reluctant sports enthusiast in those of us who are, you know, usually disbelievers in the very appropriateness of sports enthusiasm per se. Woo stillers! Woo crazy fans making the police shut down a block of Carson Street!
Tags: food, football, music, social, television

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