Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I still have this itching desire to LuLu-ify this little picture-book I posted a while ago. I did it in Flash and need it in PDF, and the only tools I could find to convert seemed all for-money or shitty. Of course I could just go and copy and paste pages individually or something but that would be admitting defeat. And maybe I'm wrong, and there is a great program out there that someone will tell me about and I will feel silly, but in the meantime I cobbled together some code to start to pick apart the SWF format. SWF is the max fangorious. Here is proof that I am at least gettting some splines out:

All objects are just in whatever orientation they happened to be at definition-time in the flash file. And the splines aren't quite right because I'm not properly converting from cubic to quadratic bezier. I think getting text to work might be a pain in the ass.

Also, I am getting real work done now and then. Really. It's just too boring to talk about.
Tags: books, flash, graphics, programming
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