Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finally got a decent night's sleep last night, perversely despite the fact that I stayed up kind of late doing pointless internet reading after getting back home from hanging out with grammarnerd. Woke up this morning with twelf on my mind and had a nice productive hacking session. Later on I discovered that I now get wireless from one of the first-floor lounges in Barco, and had dinner with Neal at Sam's, where we talked why the sort of multivariate calculus done in physics is one of the most insane* kinds of math.

*(a) I mean only "most insane" for a bad sort of insanity, and (b) really it is only insane in the way it is usually formulated. By (a) I certainly don't mean to ignore that there are lots of branches of math that are immensely more good-insane, and as for what to do about (b) I think calc could stand to be vastly less insane if it only expressed functions in a reasonable way, i.e. λ-notation for starters.
Tags: food, math, social, work

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