Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Over at Casa Del Beattie I ate some amazing spinach ravioli and meatballs prepared by mostly Mike and Sally with help from Sally's friend Diana, Diana's sister, and me. After that tried to catch this one guitarist over at the Quiet Storm with grammarnerd, but it turned out we were two hours late, so we listened to whoever it was that had come on stage by then for a little while (they were still pretty good) and played hangman. (highlights: "myopia", "ziggurat")

Despite almost total delinquency since coming back to pittsburgh (which I mentally justify by the fact that I put in quite a few nearly full days of work over break) I am still progressing quite rapidly towards having this Twelf proof of the correctness of Gödel's box-translation be really done and not just "essentially" done, which is the state it's been in for a week or so.
Tags: social, work

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