Jason (jcreed) wrote,

This article is at least a rather well-rhetoricked opinion, and I agree with some of it.
A President can commit no more serious crime against our democracy than lying to Congress and the American people to get them to support a military action or war. It is not just that it is cowardly and abhorrent to trick others into giving their lives for a nonexistent threat, or even that making false statements might in some circumstances be a crime. It is that the decision to go to war is the gravest decision a nation can make...


Somehow in the back of my head I recall "the Nation" being one of those publications that's well-known for some sort of political slant or another, right? I don't remember which one it is. I always feel nervous quoting things like this for fear that someone can legitimately say something like "oh, that doesn't mean anything --- that's just The Palooka Picayune, they always write shit like that"
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