Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Plan to arrive home today was thwarted by fogginess (hmm --- wonder if that might have some epistemic relationship to truthiness) at O'Hare: I missed my connecting flight to pittsburgh by about ten minutes. Fortunately, Chicago is not just a random layover city, but the place where my sisters live. So an hour on the blue line and fifteen minutes on the brown line later, here I am again back in their apartment, after not much more than a week since I was intentionally visiting. My flight was re-booked for nine thirty tomorrow AM, so whee I get to sleep on the couch and rouse myself up towards a glorious morning full of public transportation at oh six hundred.

On the train over here I saw:

  • A girl kiss her boyfriend on the cheek just as the pair disappeared out of view descending an escalator
  • A whole train-carload of people help one tourist figure out what would be fun to see downtown at night
  • A couple of nerds talking about WoW and whether a vampire would be bothered if his or her victim had just eaten a lot of garlic-seasoned pizza

Put that in your moment-of-zen pipe and smoke it.
Tags: travel

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