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From O RLY? to Post-structuralism in five easy steps:
Step 1, aimlessly reading orlyowl.com blog, discover mention of "Duffy head" meme. I think to myself, What the? and google for "Duffy head"
Step 2, Wikipedia article on Patrick Duffy. Discover that Something Awful is repsonible for, and YTMND archives many instances of, the idea that Patrick Duffy's floating head shooting laser beams from its eyes is the iridium-platinum of funny.
Step 3, Wikipedia article for YTMND. Oh, right, it's that thing lincoln3 showed me. In classic Wikipedia tradition of maintaining encyclopedic gravitas in the face of the unbridled lunacy of internet humor, it mentions fancy-pants jargon that leads me to
Step 4, the Wikipedia article for "Intertextuality". And wouldja lookit that? See also Post-structuralism.
Step 5, fin. An article with delightful sentences like

Where structuralism attempted to find a level of generalisable and self-sufficient metalanguage capable of describing configurations of elements variably anthropological, literary, linguistic, historical, or psychoanalytic and analyse their relations without being mired by the identity of these elements as such, post-structuralism is said to share a concern for identifying and challenging hierarchies implicit in identification of binary oppositions which generally characterise not only structuralism but Western metaphysics.

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