Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Man I would have thought the airport bus might not be very crowded at 5am, or the airport might not be very full at 6am. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Christmas travel season trumps all. At least I did get up in time, no thanks to my alarm clock, which did not go off --- I was just tossing and turning half the night and just happened to be awake around a quarter to 5.

Also, I bought a new iPod just yesterday to replace my old broken one. Two things I learned: one, the screen on the new color ones scratches instantly and it looks much worse than the black-and-white LCD does when scratched. Not that it's a big deal, really, since I don't spend much time looking at it. Two, that when the people asking for your email address to get the student discount promise that apple won't spam you, what they mean is that apple will immediately send you generic form emails that you do not wish to receive.
Tags: travel

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