Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Did my project demo for HOT. It seemed to have gone fine. That, it is to be hoped, marks the end of this semester's non-research work commitment. Unless I still have bugs left in projects 4 or 5, which I may.

Had lunch with lincoln3, lambdacalculus, and Monday Night Nachos with the latter, though subpar was sadly absent. Speaking of which, I recently finished reading tom's Sophomoric Effort, which I enjoyed a lot.

Now I just need to wake up at 5am tomorrow to catch a plane back to Madison. If any of y'all happen to be on weird sleep schedules (or in other countries) such that you're up at 5am EST and want to help me make it extra-redundant certain that I wake up on time, feel free to give me a phone call.
Tags: books, travel, work

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