Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Too many things to do and not enough time to do them in!

(1) Had dinner with wjl and platypuslord at Veracruz. (2) Since grammarnerd recently mentioned seeing Brad Yoder play, it reminded me that I hadn't been to one of his shows in a while, so I made at the time I read that post a mental note to see tonight's show, which I did, and wjl came along as well, having never heard of Mr. Yoder before. It was a good show; I really love the depth that Jason Rafalak's bass playing adds to the songs, and of course they are good songs to begin with. Heard a bunch of familiar stuff like Ginko Leaves and Love is All I Have for You and Skyler and Head Together. I was a jerk and left early, but I had an excuse, which was (3) to go meet up with subpar and lambdacalculus at the appointed time for the Last Monday Night Nachos. "Last" since neal is all graduatin' and movin' back to new mexico soon.
Tags: food, music, social

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