Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I was working on the final assignment for HOT this afternoon, and I noticed that sometimes when I typed (to begin a function definition) the word "fun" followed by a space, emacs would beep at me. I found it very strange that this behavior was not quite repeatable. I tried typing "fun [newline]" over and over again and it beeped at me roughly one-third of the time. Also, this was not my ordinary system beep (actually set to a more restful clicking sound) but a different one, a more blatantly "something is wrong" sort of beep.

If I slowed down my typing, it stopped beeping entirely. If I sped it up, it beeped about half the time. I eventually figured out that the cause was holding down the "u" and "n" keys and the spacebar all at the same time, and that it had nothing to do with emacs. Now I am wondering how to turn this behavior off, since nothing in the "Sounds" control panel seems to control "annoying beep when stupid user holds down too many keys".
Tags: computers

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