Jason (jcreed) wrote,

The snow is very pretty and all, but boy did it take a long time for me to walk home. It was amusing to watch the crowds of kids all throwing snowballs at one another. I might have been less amused if I had got hit :)

Made some progress on the twelf proof, but I encountered a hole where I least expected it. Unlike some of my old bugs, this one at least is pointing somewhat clearly towards a solution.

I just found a paper from 2002 that I fear covers much of what I was hoping to push into my yet-hardly-conceived thesis proposal. Grr.

Class this morning was interesting; it is the final official class of the course, but Karl has threatenedtentatively promised more optional lectures on garbage collection in the near future.

And speaking of non-required lectures during finals week, I am aiming for 4:00pm next thursday (a week from today) for giving the little intro talk about Twelf that I've been working on, location still to be determined. Intended audience includes that sort of people who have, say, heard of dependent types but are still confused and frightened by them. Pretty much anyone in HOT is already more advanced than this, likely as not, and that's just as well. In the worst case you might be bored for the first ten minutes.
Tags: twelf, weather, work

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