Jason (jcreed) wrote,

It's the (approximately the) first sentence of the first entry of the first day of each month year in review meme! To summarize the summary: fonts, math, choco taco.

1 Okay, I put up some placeholder stuff on http://www.existentialtype.org.
2 Oh, man. I had two huge and phenomenally stupid bugs in substitution.
3 i recommend the tasty delights of jorge luis borges's 'ficciones' its the best flavor to come from south america since the "choco taco"
4 Any real physicists out there want to give me a kook-gague reading on this theory?
5 Intriguing article about the science of relationships, from gustavolacerda.
6 Man, I am now deeply obsessed with this linear-dependent-function-space problem.
7 Uploaded a lot of the old bitmap fonts I made back in 2000-2001: http://jcreed.org/fonts/bitmap/
8 Adventures in debugging: The princeton suite is roughtly 10kTd (kiloTwelf declarations) in size.
9 Class was fine this morning; we just went over how to typecheck System Fω.
10 I am planning on seeing Proof at the Manor Theater in Squirrel Hill at 7:20pm, since that is when lincoln3 (and, I think, ofsusan) are seeing it.
11 A full day. Did some twelf hacking, went to class, got lunch, did some sketching out of a book full of Beardsley, played some piano, foolishly started NaNoWriMo.
12 In class this morning, Karl finished discussion of CPS conversion, and topped it off with an explanation of how you get callcc and exceptions on the cheap with that technique.
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